Bathurst Lawrence Eiruv has been in existence for over twenty years servicing many families in the local community who take advantage of the benefits associated with a smaller Eiruv.

The Eiruv requires constant repair and maintenance to ensure that it is being upheld to the highest standard.

We would appreciate if the local Community who benefits from the Eiruv contributes towards its upkeep, and maintenance expenses.

The suggested yearly donation is $36 per year. Please note that we have not sent out solicitation requests in the past few years.

We thank you for your past contributions and to all those who responded promptly to our previous requests.

To those who have not had the opportunity to contribute to the solicitation campaigns in the past please consider contributing generously this year, so that we can continue to ensure that the maintenance of the Eiruv is looked after.

Tax deductible cheques can be made out to “Cong. Beis Meir” or given to Rabbi Mordechai Kanner שליט''א.